What Comes Next?

First, a giant “thank you” to my supporters. A special thanks to my family for their patience over these last 6 months or so. It’s been a long campaign. Balancing time for working full-time, parenting, and campaigning is not easy. I couldn’t have considered doing this without their support.

Though disappointed that my results weren’t more favourable, I’m grateful for the votes entrusted to me. I’m glad to have been a part of shaping the conversation during this election.

Congratulations Martin Medeiros. Your constituents trust you’ll put your experience to good use. We’re counting on your leadership.

So, what comes next? The items in my platform, I feel, are important for Brampton. And I assume are important to you also.

Advocacy Continues.

Though the campaign has ended, the need for advocacy remains. I’ll continue to be a voice for cycling in Brampton, of course. But there are other items of interest to me.


We need city hall to move discussions forward on comprehensive public and active transportation plans. Both Brampton’s Transportation Master Plan, and the province’s Big Move plan. We need relief from high gas and insurance prices. We need to plan how we’re going to move a growing population that our roads cannot handle.

Livable and Sustainable Communities

Low-density residential development in Brampton needs to stop. We must oppose any proposal to continue this trend at Planning, Design and Development Committee meetings. The city needs to shift focus to livable communities, and affordable housing. We need more amenities within walking distance. The city has to  retrofit recreation spaces into already developed neighbourhoods that either do not have access to such facilities, or whose facilities are no longer suitable. We need units built to address Peel’s waiting list for affordable housing. Finally, we need more commercial real estate properties to bring small businesses and jobs to Brampton. Removing the need to drive to work will help with the goals of Transportation above.

Ranked Ballots

Martin Medeiros had the largest group of supporters vote for him with 21.85% support: He’s also representing 78.15% of voters that did not vote for him.

Ranked ballots correct discrepancies like this. I’ll be reaching out to RaBIT to start the dialogue of bringing ranked ballot voting to Brampton.

Keep In Touch

Exciting times are ahead in Brampton! Please keep in touch, and participate!

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